An ecosystem building a better surveillance industry together

Today’s security industry isn’t just comprised of manufactures and sellers. Our industry includes technologists, creative thinkers, and visionaries. It is imperative for these individuals to collaborate in order to maintain growth and articulate the direction our industry will take.

Vicon believes the effectiveness of surveillance depends upon interoperability and standards-based open source and by harmonizing interoperability of video surveillance devices.

To help facilitate standards-based interoperation, Vicon is forming the Vicon Developers Forum (VDF) to provide a framework for an ecosystem to communicate and collaborate in order to advance the surveillance industry.

Looking ahead

As a long-standing contributor to the video surveillance marketplace, Vicon is dedicated to driving the industry forward and delivering true standards-based solutions that enable end users to escape proprietary solutions.  The creation of the VDF will allow access to the source code of Vicon’s IQeye camera ONVIF implementation.

The VDF strives to bring independence and choice to the surveillance industry and wants to facilitate an easy path for those who wish to contribute to the IQeye camera’s evolution and create applications that successfully run on the camera.

As with most developer’s forums, the purpose of the VDF is to create camaraderie, healthy competition, and new collaborations and create interoperability solutions that will empower the entire community.  Live-streaming forums and online discussions in the VDF will be focused on:

  • Optimizing security applications
  • Faster integrations of applications
  • The future of the security industry
  • Facilitate industry-wide ease of ONVIF implementation
  • User experience discussions
  • Innovative uses for video data

Vicon is pleased to sponsor the VDF and hopes working together as an ecosystem we can irrevocable alter the way we create video surveillance solutions. 

Third-Party Software Statement

Don’t forget to read our third-party, open source software statement.

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